Tiger Explorer Based Universal Rack



Product Description

New Universal design based on our Tiger Explorer Slider Rack

The Universal rack requires that the customer locates sufficient mounting points, drill their own mounting holes and provide adequate space (3/8″) for the Slider Pucks underneath the rack.

  • Slider 16 X 13 Aluminum Rack
  • Made from USA 6061 4.8mm (3/16″) thick plate
  • Hard coat anodized charcoal gray
  • Comes with quick connect top box kit for mounting a SKB, Pelican or any other top case
  • Box can be installed or removed in less than 5 seconds
  • Lever latches top box onto rack and has integrated pad lock security feature
  • Latch and pucks create a tight no rattle attachment to the rack
  • Integrated helmet lock
  • Off Road/Trail Tested
  • Box can be removed without opening and removing contents
  • Rack will accept Rotopax fuel/water jug mount – 3 unique mounting points
  • Symmetrical box mount allows box mounting in 4 different positions (handle forward, handle rear, handle RH, handle LH).
  • Rack will work with flat straps or hooked straps for securing your gear or bag
  • With this rack system you can easily explore on the weekends and then commute during the week.
  • The rack works perfect for strapping down a duffel or dry bag. A Pelican case or similar box works great for carrying your computer and or lunch to work.
  • Additional pucks can be purchased allowing multiple boxes to be used with one rack!


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