About Back Road Equipment

IMG_0171I have been a motorcyclist for the last 40 years of my life, but I fell in love with motorcycling all over again once I discovered dual sporting.  Strange statement since one the first bikes I owned over 35 years ago was a dual sport. The 1975 Kawasaki KE 125 was used as a play bike, road racer, stunt bike, moto-crosser and enduro, but it was never used as a back road touring bike as my dual sport is used today. Getting caught up in the dual sport or adventure-riding craze as it is often called, shouldn’t surprise me, it is just natural progression. Over the years I have ridden off road bikes, street bikes, touring bikes, participated it organized motorcycle drag racing, road racing, hare-scrambles and enduro events. Adventure riding is combination of them all, and that is probably why it is so much fun.

Using your motorcycle as a sport utility vehicle will provide opportunities to identify products that would improve the riding experience for yourself or others. As an example, having a need for durable luggage that can be easily removed from your motorcycle, created the Slider luggage mount system. Using my 25 years of engineering and product development experience I created the prototype for the Slider luggage system. After looking at what was on the market, I could not find a luggage system that met the most important criteria.


Quick Connect Capability

Impact Absorption Capability


Low Cost

High Quality

After hundreds of hours of design, building and testing I created Back Road Equipment to bring these features to the luggage mounting market.